Classroom Storytelling From Outside the Classroom

​I love the experience of sharing stories with classrooms of students. I love to experience along with them the wonder and magic as a story unfolds. For a while longer now, we probably won't be together sharing stories in the same room. That doesn't mean, though, that we can't share stories together.

All of my storytelling programs that I bring to a classroom, library, or senior center can come to you, live or pre-recorded, virtually. Don't miss out on a program that you love as part of your classroom. Drop me a , note on the contact page, and let's talk about keeping stories in your classroom!

"My child and I are captivated. She watched your stories this week-twice in a row- on the day they were posted and again today."  

"It was almost like we were in the same room." 

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"My wife and I attended your "Morbid Curiosities– An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe" show...  I want to let you know how really enjoyable that was.  That was the first time that I can recall leaving a theater thinking, I didn't pay enough for that performance.  We must have talked for the entire next week on how enthralling it was. We were constantly googling poems and tidbits on EAP's life. If I recall correctly we saw Art Garfunkel, Bruce Hornsby and you within a 45 day period.  My wife and I agreed hands down that you put on the most entertaining show."

Darrin Crow tells powerful, imaginative, engaging stories that keep audiences on the edge of their seats and stick with them long after the tale ends.

Whether in a classroom, museum, festival, art fair, or ancient Greek amphitheater, Darrin crafts stories that deliver exactly what the listeners need.



Summer Reading is Coming!

It may still be cold and snowy outside, but the calendar is turning toward a New Year. It won't be long before the snowdrops and crocuses are up and our thoughts turn to summer and Summer Reading. I look forward to seeing old friends and new friends alike this summer all across Iowa- either virtually or in person. Dates for programs are beginning to come in; so reserve yours today before they are gone. Send me an email through the contact page, and we'll set up a date to bring great stories to your community.

"I mean it when I say that I have never seen anyone keep the attention of a crowd the way you did with your stories!" -   Iowa City Public Library

"Darrin Crow is worth every penny. I always know when it's a storytelling day at school because when I ask the kids what did you do at school today, they can excitedly repeat all of the stories they heard Darrin share in great detail. They love his visits!" 

                                -PTA Mom