Darrin Crow
 Talespinner & Troubadour
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What's New?

It's Cold now, but summer's coming!
Summer Reading Storytelling is right around the corner. This year's program brings to life stories of Iowa inventors, who even as kids loved to poke, prod, and investigate the world around them.

Spring Programs available
For Family Fun Nights, Book Fairs, Blue and Gold Banquets, and more.

Programs are available to fit all group sizes and ages. 
Dates are filling quickly.
Call 319-329-7805 to reserve yours.

 Availability for
Senior Citizen's Lunches, Book Fairs, Family Fun Nights, and Title 1 Reading Events.

Darrin Crow is a storyteller from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, whose roots go deep into Iowa cornfields and coal mines. 

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