Summer Reading Stories That Celebrate Imagination!

Imagination is the great engine that drives artists, authors, scientists, and engineers. This summer Darrin Crow brings a set of folk tales, myths, and true tales that are sure to fire the imaginations of young and old alike!

From Thor and Loki on a wild road trip around Midgard to Iowans who used their imaginations and changed the world, this program will leave your audiences eager to imagine their story. 

Dates are filling up quickly; so drop an email or call and reserve your date for these stellar stories!


Can't Get Out? Bring the Stories to You!

Right now we need stories more than ever. Here are some links to my stories on youtube and to storytellers I love. Enjoy stories, stay well, and I hope that we will be able to see each other in person again soon.

By the way, I'd love to hear from you; so feel free to drop me a note.

Darrin Crow's stories:

Tim Lowry: History and Sounthern Folk Tales

Willy Claflin/ Maynard Moose:

Jennifer Otto: â€‹

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Darrin Crow tells powerful, imaginative, engaging stories that keep audiences on the edge of their seats and stick with them long after the tale ends.

Whether in a classroom, museum, festival, art fair, or ancient Greek amphitheater, Darrin crafts stories that deliver exactly what the listeners need.


"I mean it when I say that I have never seen anyone keep the attention of a crowd the way you did with your stories!" -   Iowa City Public Library

"Darrin Crow is worth every penny. I always know when it's a storytelling day at school because when I ask the kids what did you do at school today, they can excitedly repeat all of the stories they heard Darrin share in great detail. They love his visits!" 

                                -PTA Mom

Is a Virtual Program Any Good?

"My child and I are captivated. She watched your stories this week-twice in a row- on the day they were posted and again today."  

"It was almost like we were in the same room."