"I mean it when I say that I have never seen anyone keep the attention of a crowd the way you did with your stories!" -   Iowa City Public Library

"Darrin Crow is worth every penny. I always know when it's a storytelling day at school because when I ask the kids what did you do at school today, they can excitedly repeat all of the stories they heard Darrin share in great detail. They love his visits!" 

                                -PTA Mom


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Classroom Stories Deliver Lasting Impacts

If you are looking for a way to make classroom learning even more engaging and memorable, for tools to inspire students to dig deeper, storytelling delivers. Whether students are learning Iowa environmental history through the stories of coal town life, exploring the folk tales of the world, or diving into the wonders of words with Poe, stories stick in our minds and give context and connection to facts and ideas.

I bring stories to students of all ages through individual classroom visits, multi-day residencies, or larger group assemblies.

"My child and I are captivated. She watched your stories this week-twice in a row- on the day they were posted and again today."  

"It was almost like we were in the same room." 

It's Fall- Campfires! S'mores! STORIES!!

Cool air, pumpkin spice- it must be fall! Break out the campfires, s'mores, and good stories.  Let's talk more about how storytelling makes your event shine and brings audiences what they are looking for this fall and all through the year!

Your patrons, audiences, and students will love S'mores Stories, Spooky Storiesand Not So Spooky Stories. As we start moving inside more, Coal Car Riggs and Little Eva: The Great Depression in Iowa and 

My wife and storytelling partner, Robin, premiered a new story for adults this summer. The story follows the lives, struggles, and hopes of four Iowans during the Viet Nam War. Travel off the beaten path with an Army radio man, a Navy sailor, and their wives as they navigate the rivers and jungles of Viet Nam and of young love. "Beyond the Beaten Path: One War, Four Iowans, and Their Journey to Home and Love" has captivated listeners across Iowa and inspired others to tell their stories of this tumultuous era.

"Morbid Curiosities: An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe" returns again this year to take listeners on a spine tingling journey through the life and stories of the great horror master. Lovers of classic horror will also be thrilled to experience Algernon Blackwood's intensely terrifying "Secret Worship." Sometimes, the journey to the past awakens more than just gold tinged memories. Sometimes things that are better left in the long ago can rise up with terrible, vast consequences.

Let's talk about how storytelling can make your events even more memorable!

"My wife and I attended your "Morbid Curiosities– An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe" show...  I want to let you know how really enjoyable that was.  That was the first time that I can recall leaving a theater thinking, I didn't pay enough for that performance.  We must have talked for the entire next week on how enthralling it was. We were constantly googling poems and tidbits on EAP's life. If I recall correctly we saw Art Garfunkel, Bruce Hornsby and you within a 45 day period.  My wife and I agreed hands down that you put on the most entertaining show."

Darrin Crow tells powerful, imaginative, engaging stories that keep audiences on the edge of their seats and stick with them long after the tale ends.

Whether in a classroom, museum, festival, art fair, or ancient Greek amphitheater, Darrin crafts stories that deliver exactly what the listeners need.