The Underground Railroad in Iowa: This set of stories focuses on the small town of Salem in southern Iowa and it’s heroic citizens who helped hundreds of enslaved people find their way to freedom.
               Performance Length 45 minutes.     

Coal Car Riggs and Little Eva- The Great Depression in Iowa:  This first person story weaves together the lives of Coal Car Riggs, a hobo and the young farm girl Eva Killen as each struggles to survive. Along the way they will cross paths with Grant Wood, Jeff Davis the Hobo King, and the Million Dollar Mulligan.

               Performance Length 45 minutes.

Covered Wagons, Horse Thieves, and Rattlesnakes- Stories from Linn County History:
These wonderful stories help connect students- and listeners of all ages-  to the place they live and whet their appetites to know more about why this place is special. Knowing where we came from is vital to figuring out where we are going. Teacher’s guide with classroom activities available.
               Performance Length: 45 minutes.       
Coming to Pella- Tales of Iowa Immigrants: In the spring of 1847, 800 Dutch immigrants set sail from Holland in search of freedom and a new home on the prairies of Iowa. This is the story of their journey from Holland to Home.

               Performance Length 45 minutes.     

Tales of Iowa History: State history comes to life in these delightful tales of early Iowa- featuring the great Honey War of 1838, when Iowa was nearly invaded by Missouri!
               Performance Length 45 minutes.     

Tales of Colonial America and the Revolution: These stories bring the streets of old Boston and Philadelphia and the battles of the Revolution to life. It includes stories of John Paul Jones, the Blacksmith of Brandywine, and Molly Pitcher.
                 Performance Length 45 minutes.     

You can check out some of my work here in these videos.



 S’more Stories: These are the perfect stories to enjoy with a warm fire and your favorite gooey treat. Enjoy a mix of tall tales, American folk tales, and a few creepy tales thrown in for good measure. These stories are ideal for scout groups and church youth groups.
            Performance Length: 45 minutes.        
Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World: This classroom visit brings delightful stories from around the world off the page and into hilarious life for students. The program traces the journeys of stories around the world and down through time. Teacher’s guide with classroom activities available.
            Performance Length 45 minutes.      

Cuddly, Courageous, Cruel, and Cute- Animal Tales from Around the World: This collection of stories, poems, and songs is just right for kindergarten and first grade when they begin their animal studies units.
             Performance Length 45 minutes.  

I'll Drink to That! Tales of Wine and the People Who Drink it:  This set of tipsy tales wanders through the vast array of folk tales and historical tales that revolve around alcohol and its pleasures or perils.

              Performance Length 45-90 minutes.   
Custom Story Programs: Let Darrin create a customized program that is just what your group needs. Choose from a range of American tall tales and folk tales, world folk and fairy tales, poetry, and literary stories. Options are available for all age groups and settings from preschools to senior citizens luncheons.

            Performance Length: 20-90 minutes     



As a storyteller, Darrin works with event organizers, teachers, librarians, and others to present programs of carefully selected stories to fit themes and audiences. Here is a small sampling of programs and stories. Every program is flexible to fit your needs. Looking for a story you don't see here? Let's talk! I love creating new work.

Perfectly Preposterous Poetry: Let the fun of poetry spoken out loud work its magic on your students. Includes "The Tale of Custard the Dragon", "Growltiger's Last Stand", and more!
                Performance Length 45 minutes.

Songs From the Old Country Church

Darrin pulls out the banjo and the hymn book for this delightful program that tells the stories behind some of our favorite hymns, including "Rock of Ages", "There is a Fountain", and "What a Friend We Have in Jesus".

                  Performance Length 45 minutes.

 Secret Worship: This terrifying novella by Algernon Blackwood begins innocently enough with a trip to visit the old boarding school of childhood. The story progresses from vague dread to palpable menace and finally naked horror.  It is sure to have audiences looking over their shoulders as they leave.

               Performance Length: 90 minutes.   

  Morbid Curiosities– An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe: The master of Gothic horror comes from beyond the veil to talk with audiences about his life and share his best stories and poetry including “The Masque of the Red Death”, “The Raven” and “The Tell Tale Heart.” Teacher’s guide with classroom activities available.

                Performance Length: 80 minutes.