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My Story

“Darrin’s storytelling was very entertaining for all ages. Parents were just as engaged as their children!” – Coralville Public Library

"Thanks for captivating them.
I am so impressed that they would stay on task and follow your stories.  You did a great job keeping them mesmerized about the Underground Railroad."  - 5th Grade Teacher

Darrin Crow is a storyteller from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Storytelling has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember, whether it was listening to his aunts, uncles and grandparents talking about farming and coal mining in Iowa or immersing himself in Jules Verne and Tolkien up in his tree house. As a high school student he began volunteering at a living history museum. Here he found that he could use his love of telling stories to put people in touch with their heritage in a way they had not experienced before. In college he studied interpretive speech, and after college he worked as an actor and itinerant storyteller in Pennsylvania and Florida. In 1999 he returned to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and has been telling stories ever since. Over the last decade he has honed his craft by telling stories across the area in settings from church basements to major outdoor festivals.